Kilt Hire

Kilt Hire outfits are perfect for special occasions such as weddings, graduations and family celebrations. We offer traditional and modern styles with a choice of tartan and jacket/waistcoat. All jackets, kilts and sporrans are handmade locally.

Prices start from £95.00 for standard 4-day kilt hire period.

Kilt Hire package includes

  • Jacket and Waistcoat - styles include Prince Charlie (black), Argyle (black), Argyle (Highland Green Tweed), Braemar (Charcoal Arrochar Tweed)
  • 8 yard tartan kilt made of 100% wool in your choice of tartan
  • Black bow tie or Shantung Ruche Tie
  • Sporran and chain
  • Garter Flashes to match your kilt
  • Cream or Black Hose
  • Ghillie Brogues - leather upper

Kilt and Jacket Measurement Guide

We will need the following measurements.

Down load a guide to print by clicking HERE

Kilt Measurement
[A] - Waist (measure round waist at belly button or top of hip bone)
[B] - Hips (measure round the fullest part of hips)
[C] - Length (measure from top of the hip bone to middle of knee cap)

Jacket Measurement
[D] - Chest (measure round chest)
[E] - Waist (measure round waist at belly button or top of hip bone)

wear a well fitted jacket for the following measurements
[F] - Shoulder Seam (measure from collar seam to edge of shoulder)
[G] - Crown to Cuff (measure from edge of shoulder to bottom of cuff)
[H] - Full Back Length (measeure from centre of jacket at collar seam to mid seat area)

We will also need your height

Note: Measurements in Centimeters or Inches

Click to see larger image.

MacLeod of Lewis (Dress)

MacPherson Red (Anc)

Boston District Pipeband

Maine District Pipeband

Black Watch

Morrison Htg (Anc)

Flower of Scotland

Hebridean Granite